Gravel Delivery Wickenburg

Decorative Gravel Delivery

At Art Barber Excavating, we maintain a fleet of dump trucks and are able to deliver any type of landscaping gravel you need. We deliver all sizes and colors of landscaping rock for all your landscape projects. From decorative rocks, including decomposed granite, base material, crushed stone, to screened dirt and arena sand, contact us for all your gravel hauling needs. Whether you’re a homeowner on a budget, or a contractor who needs a trustworthy partner to provide timely service, Art Barber Excavating is available to help.

You may question the affordability of gravel over other ground covers, and it’s understandable because you’re basically placing your hard-earned money out in the open sun. But, compared with other landscaping materials decorative gravel is the most economical in terms of the long-term maintenance of the product. Grass needs watering, cutting, and fertilizer. But decorative rock requires very little maintenance and lasts for years without needing to be replenished.

Gravel For Your Driveway

If you’re looking for gravel for your driveway and are curious whether you should choose to use asphalt or concrete instead of gravel, we have a few points we’d like you to consider. First, the customers who have used our gravel for their driveways rave about how well it stands up over time. And, an added benefit to using rock for your driveway is it is able to accommodate heavy loads without sinking or cracking.

Questions About Gravel Delivery?

If you have questions about the costs associated with the landscaping gravel we deliver, or questions about our delivery area, please drop us a line and we’ll get back with you. Otherwise call 928-415-8001.

    Common considerations when getting landscaping gravel delivered. 

    1. Heat Absorption and Reflection: In desert areas, where temperatures can be extremely high, the color and type of gravel can significantly affect how much heat is absorbed or reflected. Darker gravel tends to absorb more heat, which can affect both the surrounding plant life and the ambient temperature near the home. Homeowners often prefer lighter-colored gravel to help reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption.
    2. Water Drainage and Conservation: Water conservation is crucial in desert environments. Homeowners need to ensure that the gravel they choose allows for proper drainage to support any existing plant life while also minimizing water loss. The size and type of gravel can affect how well it retains or drains water. Additionally, gravel can be used to create xeriscaping, a landscaping method that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation.
    3. Dust Control: The desert is often associated with dusty conditions, and certain types of gravel can either mitigate or exacerbate this issue. Homeowners need to consider the dust levels that different gravel types might produce, as excessive dust can be a nuisance and a health hazard. They might opt for gravel that compacts well and produces less dust when disturbed.

    Selecting the right type of landscaping gravel in a desert environment involves balancing these considerations to achieve the desired aesthetic while also addressing practical concerns related to the unique climate and ecological conditions.

    gravel Delivery
    gravel Delivery

    We Deliver The Gravel, You Create Your The Landscaping

    Delivering Bulk Gravel

    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg

    Regardless of the amount of decorative rock you need, Art Barber Excavating can deliver gravel to your home, commercial location, or building site. So whether you’re looking for ideas for your front yard landscaping or you need a load of base for your patio, we’re always available to deliver your gravel.

    Variety of Gravel To Choose From

    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg

    If you’re in the process of rejuvenating your landscaping or simply need a load of gravel for your driveway, you may not have any idea of what kinds of rock are available. But, a stop in at our rock yard will reveal the wide variety of decorative gravel and other ground covers that others are using on their projects.

    Arena Sand Delivery

    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg

    Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or simply a horse person, you’re probably going to need to get a load of arena sand delivered. Our sand is a great choice because it can be combined with your existing topsoil to create an ideal surface for your horses to run and frolic. Contact us for prices on arena sand and delivery.

    Screened Dirt Delivery

    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg

    Our screened fill dirt is methodically sifted to remove large fragments of rock and clods to ensure uniform consistency throughout. This allows you to provide a solid foundation for your home or outdoor living areas. With our screened fill dirt delivery service, we save you time and money, contact us with questions.

    Better Landscaping Projects With Decorative Gravel

    Many homeowners who live in the deserts of Arizona understand that landscaping with grass is not the ideal ground cover. They know that using a variety of natural gravel to landscape their yards is much more economical both in the short term and the long term. Contact us for help with your landscaping needs.

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    Decorative Gravel For A Low Maintenance Lawn

    If you’re looking for ways to decrease the amount of water you use, the first place you should look is your lawn. The typical lawn sprinkler uses on average more than 12,000 gallons per month, which rounds out to almost 100,000 gallons per year as water usage decreases in the winter months. Add to that the need for potentially dangerous chemical fertilizers and mowing, and you can see why many homeowners here in the Phoenix area are opting for decorative gravel for both front and back lawns. Rather than dealing with the maintenance needs of a lush green lawn, choose instead to use inorganic materials like decomposed granite, river rock, or pea gravel.

    Crushed Granite

    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg

    Whether you’re looking to accentuate a planted area of your yard or you need a rock bed for a seating area crushed granite is ideal for both. Crushed granite is most commonly found in gray tones or earthy brown shades. Besides the obvious visual appeal, crushed granite is also quite affordable and something that most homeowners can apply to their yards themselves.

    Lava Rock

    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg

    Another great landscaping rock to consider is lava rock. Lava rock, also known as scoria comes in either red or black and is light in weight with a porous texture. The fact that lava rock is light in weight makes them a popular choice for homeowners as it’s much easier to work with. The only drawback to lava is that they can become projectiles during high winds.

    Pea Gravel

    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg

    Pea gravel can be used for a wide array of applications when you’re looking for stone for landscaping. Since the gravel is small in size and has a smooth finish it can be used for playgrounds, patios, walkways, and other high traffic areas. Pea gravel is an attractive choice as it can be mixed and matched to complement other areas of your overall landscaping design. Contact us with your questions.

    Why Use Decorative Gravel For Landscaping

    The Benefits of Decorative Rock

    When it comes to ground cover for your lawn, you have many options. You could grow a lush lawn of green grass, plant trees or low-growing shrubs, and even incorporate climbing vines and flowers. But, with the demands on water increasing and the time and money required to maintain these types of landscaping choices, it’s easy to understand why many homeowners are choosing decorative rock. One of the hugest advantages of decorative gravel is you don’t have to water it or mow it, but there are other benefits of using rock for landscaping.

    Decorative gravel doesn’t attract pests as do other organic materials such as mulch. This point alone may sway many homeowners as they don’t want to attract one of the most common pests to the Wickenburg area, termites. Decorative rock holds up to abuse as well. If you have children running around, you know the number they can do to a once-healthy stand of grass. But, a lawn covered with decomposed granite or pea gravel stands up to that type of abuse. Another consideration is how long rock will last compared to other organic materials. Wood chips and mulch quickly begin to break down the minute their exposed to the elements, But, rock can stand the test of time. The only thing you might need to do with rock is rake it every so often and replenish the small amount of rock that is removed by foot traffic and runoff from rainstorms.

    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg
    Gravel Delivery Wickenburg