Stone For Landscaping

Choosing Stone For Landscaping

If you’re thinking about revamping your yard or patio with landscaping stones, there’s a thing or two you should be aware of before you start your landscaping project. While landscaping stones are a great idea for improving the look and utility of your yard, there are tons of different types of landscape rocks, and not every type of rock should be used the same way. We’ve dedicated this page to help you understand the different types of landscaping stones and how you can use them in your landscaping design.

Types Of Stone For Landscaping

Whether you’re thinking about incorporating landscaping stones for a patio, retaining walls, or a water feature into your landscaping design, you might also want to consider using small landscape rocks. There are four basic types of small landscape rock, there’s river rock, lava rock, pea gravel, and chipped rock. River rocks are rocks that have become worn to a smooth, matte texture from being tumbled in a river. Lava rocks are small pieces of lava, are lightweight, and come in various colors. Pea gravel is a small natural stone that is about 2 inches wide and also comes in various colors. And chipped rock is simply larger gravel that can be used in garden beds, yards, and even gravel for driveways.

Landscaping Rock Questions?

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    Various Applications For Landscaping Stones

    Consider A Water Feature

    Stone For Landscaping

    There are many different ways to incorporate a water feature into your landscaping. You can go big and bold with a 12-foot diameter water fountain, or you can go the minimalist route for small spaces and make a centerpiece for a seating area next to your garden.

    Stones To Draw Attention

    Stones For Landscaping

    Did you know that you can use landscaping stones to draw attention to specific areas in your yard? Yes, you can actually create spaces and shapes in your landscaping that weren’t there before using a stone or boulder pattern that points in a specific direction.

    Boulders Create Interest

    Stones For Landscaping

    Boulders are very versatile as they can be used to construct walls, carve out pathways in your yard, and even as accents to offset other landscaping stones. You can also use small rocks on the perimeter of these rocks and incorporate flowers in a variety of colors.

    Stone For A Dry Creek Bed

    Stones For Landscaping

    A dry creek bed is a gully or a trench that’s usually lined with stones of various colors and sizes. The idea is to create a ground cover that mimics a natural riparian area. Most homeowners incorporate dry creek beds to facilitate drainage and thereby reduce runoff.

    You’ll Never Think The Same About Landscaping Rock Again

    Quality landscaping using locally sourced stones can transform the appearance of your property and significantly increase your home’s value. Natural stone has the potential to not only beautify your property, but can also increase the utility and usefulness for practical purposes.

    • Brush Removal
    • Screened Fill Dirt
    • Driveway Grading
    • Ground Cover
    • Decomposed Granite
    • Demolition Services
    • Excavation Services
    • Decorative Rock
    • Arena Sand Delivery
    • Colored Rock
    • Road Grading
    • Various Sizes

    What’s Trending In Landscaping Stone Today?

    If you’re planning landscaping design, you may not understand the differences between landscaping rocks and landscaping stones because the terms are virtually interchangeable. When looking for rocks for your landscaping design, there are decorative garden rocks and structural materials all with a wide variety of finishes, sizes, and colors. But, you may ask, what’s trending in landscaping stones today? To understand what’s trending, you first must consider the community you live in. If you’re in a neighborhood that has little space between the homes, you’ll want to ensure that your design does not buck the norm. However, if your home is located in the countryside, you have a lot more latitude when making your landscaping decisions. The key component in your landscaping design is to eschew what’s trending now and look for something that will stand the test of time and look great for years to come.

    Stone For Traditional Design

    Stone For Landscaping Wickenburg

    When thinking about a more traditional landscaping design, you’ll want to consider using colors that complement one another. Using Aztec stones, river rocks, and decomposed granite in shades of light brown, and other similar colors that offset and complement one another. Traditional landscaping design allows the environment and your home to blend together.

    Stone For Modern Design

    Stone For Landscaping Wickenburg

    If you’re looking for a more modern landscaping design you’ll first want to think about contrast. Modern landscaping design’s focus is to make a clear delineation between your home and the surrounding environment. So, instead of lava rock or river rock, think in terms of choosing stones that are grey, black, and white. These will give you a more modern look.

    Stone For Timeless Design

    Stone For Landscaping Wickenburg

    If you’re looking to incorporate a timeless look into your landscaping design project, we suggest that you focus less on the timelessness of the design and more on creating elements that are both functional and permanent. Warm natural colors, such as blends of tans, browns, and similar variations, will stand the test of time. But, adding a stone walkway will vastly improve the appeal for decades to come.

    Which Landscaping Stone Will You Choose?

    When it comes to building the perfect outdoor space for your home you have many things to consider. Complementing existing landscaping elements is just one of those considerations, others include improving curb appeal and therefore, home value, functionality, and of course, the maintenance requirements. The one thing that’s consistent along all of these things is that the smallest details make all of the difference. And, so it follows, that your choice of landscape rock and decorative gravel must take into consideration all the other elements of your design.

    Pea gravel and decomposed granite are two of the most popular landscaping elements here in the valley, as they are obviously drought resistant, and come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can use these stones for pathways, walkways, small accent areas, and even in larger areas as ground cover. But the greatest thing about these rocks is that they require very little maintenance.

    If you’re having difficulty deciding what type of decorative rock is best for your application, give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk to you and help you make the best decision for your home.

    Stone For Landscaping Wickenburg
    Stone For Landscaping Wickenburg