Decomposed Granite Wickenburg

Hardscaping With Decomposed Granite

When looking to reinvigorate your landscaping or if you’re interested in creating a beautiful area of rock gardens, hardscaping with igneous rock is a great way to separate various sections of your yard. And decomposed granite is the ideal hardscaping material as it is permeable, very pleasing to the eye, and is not as costly as other landscaping rock selections. If you’re not familiar with decomposed granite, also referred to as (DG), most likely you’ve been exposed to it at many familiar places. You can find it in parks, pathways, baseball fields, and thousands of yards across the Wickenburg area. DG can be compacted to create natural surfaces, it drains well, and by adding stabilizing compounds, you can further enhance DG’s qualities.

What Is Decomposed Granite?

Now that you know what DG is used for, your next question might be, what is decomposed granite anyway? DG is very similar to gravel in that it is rock, but it’s much finer or smaller than what you would traditionally call gravel. As you might imagine from the name, DG is formed from the natural weathering (decomposition) and erosion of solid granite. DG comes in various colors and shades, including browns, grays, reds, blacks, and even greens. It can be used as a mulch to spread around garden beds or trees, and if some of the material finds its way into your grass, it will eventually break down and decompose entirely. But, unlike mulch and other, more familiar landscape rock, DG doesn’t attract pests.

Landscaping Rock Questions?

If you have questions about the type of landscaping gravel we offer, or questions about our delivery area, please drop us a line and we’ll get back with you. Otherwise call 928-415-8001.

    Applications For Decomposed Granite

    Golf Course Landscaping

    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg

    Loose DG is the least expensive as it is the granite aggregate without any additional stabilizers added to it. These rocks can be used for landscaping, patios, pathways, and other areas that see a lot of traffic. Compacting the material can help to make it stay in place.

    Garden Paths

    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg

    One of the best options to ensure your garden path remains intact is to use decomposed granite with stabilizers. Once DG is wetted and compacted it becomes much harder and increasingly more stable than gravel alone. Contact us to learn how we can help you with DG in your garden path.

    DG For Patios

    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg

    Besides its versatility and installation flexibility next to fence lines, yard borders, and walls, decomposed granite is also an awesome option for stone patios. To ensure that weeds don’t begin to show, you’ll want to dig about 12 inches down and use base rock first.

    Play Structures

    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg

    Due to scrapes and falls, decomposed granite is not the most desirable surface to use underneath a play structure. However, the use of DG on the perimeter of a play structure will decrease weeds and maintenance time. Contact Art Barber Excavating for all your decorative gravel needs.

    Art Barber Excavating For All Your Landscaping Rock Needs

    If you’re ready to improve the usability of your outdoor spaces while increasing the value of your home, granite complimented with other decorative rock makes an excellent choice. Contact Art Barber Excavating for all of your landscaping rock delivery service needs.

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    Up Your Landscaping Game With DG

    When it comes to landscaping your yard, many homeowners need help because they don’t consider themselves to be landscape architects. And, while it does take quite a bit of talent and experience to look at every outdoor space with the eye of an artist, you shouldn’t shy away from the challenge simply because you’ve never done it before. Decomposed granite is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to liven up an otherwise boring space. It’s good for use as a very stable base beneath a stone walkway or patio, as a mulch around trees, and as a lawn replacement. Below are just a few more ideal ways that you can incorporate DG into your landscaping game.

    Diminish Harsh Transitions

    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg

    While DG is made from natural granite and is, therefore, a hard material, the proper use of it in your landscaping can help to diminish the severity of the transition. DG can be used with pavers, plants, and larger decorative rocks to make colors pop and draw the eye to focal points of interest.

    Lawn Replacement Option

    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg

    Rather than installing a sprinkler system for your yard and fighting every year to maintain a lush green tuft of grass in the hot Arizona sun, many homeowners are opting to replace their lawn with decorative rock. DG is a great choice due to the fact that water can still reach the soil beneath.

    Spark Proof Your Fire Pit

    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg

    With the threat of wildfires being high almost year-round in the Wickenburg area, spark proofing your backyard fire pit area is a good idea. And, what better way to decrease the chance of a wayward fire than with decomposed granite. Contact use for all your landscaping rock needs.

    Excavating Services And Landscape Rock

    Excavation Services

    At Art Barber Excavating, we provide more than just decorative rock delivery. We also provide driveway grading services, demolition services, and site excavation services. So, whether you are planning to build a house, a shed, or you are installing a pond, we can help. We provide brush removal services, land clearing, for both residential customers and commercial applications. With more than 40 years of experience in the excavation business, our professional excavators can handle any size project.

    Arena Sand Delivery

    Another service we provide is arena sand delivery. Wickenburg and the surrounding area is horse country, and to ensure that your horses have sure footing inside your arena you need high quality arena sand that is mixed correctly. Well, the owners of Art Barber Excavating are horses people, and they understand the concerns of many equestrians when it comes to getting the best quality arena sand. Contact us for all your arena sand delivery.

    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg
    Decomposed Granite Wickenburg