Excavation Companies Wickenburg

Choosing Excavation Companies

Whether you need commercial excavating, land development, demolition services, or even septic tank digging, choosing an experienced and scrupulous excavation company is highly important. While most excavation services are generally related to the construction of new residential homes, commercial excavation companies provide a whole host of other services as well. Earthwork, earthmoving, and land clearing service companies should have a firm grasp of what’s required to prepare the ground you intend to build on so that your structure will remain undisturbed for the lifetime of the property.

Excavating contractors serve various industries. The work that commercial excavating companies provide helps the development of commercial and residential lots by providing drainage work, land clearing, concrete work as well as road development. So, when deciding what excavating company to hire, ask that they provide you with more than a handful of case studies. Also, ask about the types and number of pieces of excavating equipment that they own and operate. What you want to do when choosing an excavating contractor is determine if they have a solid track record of producing results.

Services Excavation Companies Provide

Art Barber Excavating offers a wide span of excavation services. We provide earthmoving, general excavation services, delivering gravel for driveway and landscaping needs, irrigation control services, demolition services, site excavation, road grading and driveway grading, and more. At our retail location in Wickenburg, we have a large selection of decorative gravel, landscaping rock, sand, and other gravels to choose from.

Landscaping Rock Questions?

If you have questions about the type of landscaping gravel we offer, or questions about our delivery area, please drop us a line and we’ll get back with you. Otherwise call 928-415-8001.

    Art Barber Excavating Services Wickenburg

    Road Grading Services

    Excavation Companies Wickenburg

    While construction sites in the Wickenburg area have hundreds of days of great weather within to work, there are some days where water can become a problem. This is especially concerning if your road or driveway has not been graded properly. Improper road grading can cause erosion over time and is exacerbated when rains come.

    Demolition Services

    Excavation Companies Wickenburg

    If you have an existing structure that needs to be removed before any new construction project can begin, you’re going to want to look for an excavation company that provides demolition services. Art Barber Excavating provides both residential and commercial demolition services. From demolishing an unwanted concrete pad to an entire building, we can help.

    Arena Sand Delivery

    Excavation Companies Wickenburg

    If you’re a horse person you understand the value of quality arena sand. To ensure horse footing while minimizing dusty conditions it’s important to have the correct mix of arena sand. At Art Barber Excavating, we’re horse people so we understand your concerns when it comes to arena sand. Contact us today for arena sand delivery.

    Screened Fill Dirt

    Excavation Companies Wickenburg

    If you’re looking for stable soil that will not settle over time, you’re looking for screened fill dirt. Our screen process removes large rocks, clay, and other materials ensuring you have a strong foundation for whatever construction project you’re working on. Art Barber Excavating provides the best screened fill dirt in the area. And we deliver.

    Commercial And Residential Excavation Services

    Our excavation services fall within three primary categories. Landscaping rock delivery, new construction excavation, and erosion control excavation. Of course there are many services that fall within these primary categories, which you’ll find listed below.

    • Site Clearing
    • Driveway Grading
    • Retaining Walls
    • Pool Preparation
    • Septic Systems
    • Foundations
    • Decorative Gravel
    • Culverts
    • Demolition Services
    • Brush Removal
    • Screened Fill Dirt
    • Arena Sand Delivery

    We Help You Repurpose Your Land Through Excavating

    There are many reasons you might need to contract with a local excavation company. Whether you need excavation for the clearing of a site for the purpose of installing water drainage systems, or you’re building a new home, excavation services make your life so much easier. If you’re the general manager or owner of a construction company, you can either purchase all the excavation equipment necessary to do the job yourself. This includes hiring and training heavy equipment operators in the precision necessary to do the excavation job right. But, if you want your project to stay on schedule every time, we suggest that you contract with a competent and experienced excavation contractor, namely us. At Art Barber Excavating, we’ve been clearing land and completing construction projects for more than 30 years. Call us for all your construction needs.

    Site Grading Services

    Excavation Companies Wickenburg

    While our excavating services are wide-ranging and include demolition, driveway grading, and the like, our services can be as simple as clearing your land of trees, rocks, and other debris. We also offer site grading services. When you need a professional crew to adjust the slope of your land before the construction begins, consider calling on Art Barber Excavating.

    Brush Removal Services

    Excavation Companies Wickenburg

    If you need to prepare your site for new landscaping or new construction don’t skimp on the brush removal. Our brush clearing and brush removal services remove vegetation, stumps, trees, stones, and other unwanted objects from your site. Rather than the long and laborious process of clearing the land yourself, call Art Barber Excavating to provide professional brush removal services.

    Installing Drainage Systems

    Excavation Companies Wickenburg

    When it comes to excavating for the purposes of installing drainage systems our team of talented professionals has experience placing storm pipe, catch basins, and even manholes. While the weather in the Wickenburg area stays relatively dry much of the year, when the rain does fall, the washes fill up as the ground is too dense to soak up all of the rainfall. That’s when you’ll be happy you called Art Barber Excavation for all your excavating and decorative rock needs.

    New Construction Excavating

    Preparing Your Site For Construction

    When it comes to excavating for new construction before any construction can begin a lot of the time must be dedicated to the prep work. There are many steps in the excavation process that include digging, excavating, drainage control, plumbing, and foundation work. We must ensure that the subsurface and surface conditions of your ground are in good shape at the construction site before any construction can begin.

    The first step is to clear the building site, which includes removing unwanted trees and shrubs, digging up and removing rocks, removing stumps, and removing all vegetation from your site down to one foot below grade. During this step, we make it a point to now burry any trees or other debris near the site as this would make your property subject to sinkholes as the debris begins to rot over time.

    If you have an upcoming construction project and need help with the excavation process, give Art Barber Excavating a call. We’ve been in the excavation business for more than 30 years and have hundreds of happy customers who will gladly provide references.

    Excavation Companies Wickenburg
    Excavation Companies Wickenburg