Commercial And Residential Excavating Services?

Our Excavation Services Include

Site Excavation

Art Barber Excavating is a family-owned and operated excavation company located in Wickenburg, Arizona that offers land clearing, for both residential and commercial customers. Our highly skilled excavation experts have extensive experience in all facets of site excavation. Regardless of the size of your site excavation needs, you can trust that our 40 plus years of experience in the excavation industry coupled with the tools and equipment required to do the job right, will allow your project to be completed within the time allotted.

Excavating Services Wickenburg - Site Excavation
Excavating Services Wickenburg Septic Tank Installation

Septic Tank Installation

When building a home where no access to public sewer services exists you will need to have a septic tank installed on your property. In order to install a septic tank properly the bottom of the excavation must be level, using naturally occurring soil or trucked in bedding material. Regardless of whether you are building a new home or a commercial building, Art Barber Excavating is the company to call to excavate your site and install your septic tank system. So, when you need an old septic tank removed and a new septic tank installed, give us a call.

Demolition Services

From house demolition, land clearing, barn removal, and more, we specialize in various types of demolition services and realize that every demolition project will require attention to detail and a pinpointed approach to achieve completion. When you hire us as your demolition contractor, our objective is to provide the highest quality services while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. This is done so that you can begin whatever construction project you have planned for your property. We provide both residential and commercial demolition services in and around the Wickenburg, Arizona area.

Excavating Services Wickenburg Demolition Services
Excavating Services Wickenburg Driveway Grading

Driveway Grading Service

Whether you are planning on building a shed, installing a pond, or simply need your driveway graded, we can help. We provide land clearing and brush removal for both commercial and residential projects. Our team has more than 40 years of experience as professional excavators and can take on any size project. So whether you need a new gravel driveway created, an existing gravel driveway graded, land leveling service, or need someone to correct improper grading, were available. We also specialize in grading and graveling driveways so they hold up to any weather conditions.

Excavation Project Coordination

When working on any project, from yard landscaping, the construction of a new home, a large commercial construction site, all the way down to grading a driveway, getting the excavation done right and on time is paramount. Without an experienced and knowledgeable team to handle this highly important aspect of your project it can go off the rails very quickly. Art Barber Excavating has been in the excavating business for more than 40 years, so we are very much aware of what can go wrong when effective excavation measures are ignored. Below are some of the important aspects of a successful excavation project.

Effection Excavation Guidelines

Site Management

Before any excavation work can begin, construction experts know that proper site management must first be implemented. The use of a color-marked site plan can go along way toward the efficient use of limited space for necessary entrances, fill piles, and truck access roads. As the work continues, changes to the site map may need to be made along the various project stages.

And, although it may seem cumbersome, avoidance of site planning can exacerbate problems that may delay the completion of the project, cause unnecessary erosion, and incur more costs. With more than 40 years in the excavation industry, we understand the various requirements for any construction site and can help guide you along the way to the completion of your project.

Excavating Services Wickenburg AZ

Utility Line Identification

Most utility companies and property owners keep accurate records of where underground utility lines lie. But unfortunately, many times these records are inaccurate due to the fact that sewer lines, water lines, and gas pipes installed long ago, were not removed when newer lines with more capacity were installed.

That’s why before any excavation is done on the construction site, identification of all utilities, including water, gas, sewer main, and other lines must be conducted. One call to the public utilities is often a sufficient means of line identification, however, if the excavation site has been razed or we must conduct demolition services prior to excavation, a private utility line location service may be contracted to conduct a thorough utility line discovery.

Excavating Services Wickenburg Arizona

Weather Management

Construction sites in the Phoenix area are blessed with many days of good weather throughout most of the year. But, rain does fall, winds do blow, and other intermittent weather conditions also occur, and when it comes to site excavation services, we are somewhat dependent on the necessity of good weather. Without an appreciation of the need to work while the sun is shining, a project may become delayed. That’s why we continually monitor weather forecasts and proactively take advantage of good weather conditions.

There’s also the concern that extremes of weather can affect the performance of construction equipment. While we don’t get much rain in the Wickenburg area, the extremely dry weather we experience here can dramatically increase dust on the job site. Extremely large amounts of dust can harm or reduce the efficacy of the equipment in use. Here at Art Barber Excavating, we are well aware of these weather concerns and take precautions to avoid any delays.

Excavating Services Wickenburg Arizona

Long Term Erosion Management

While Phoenix and the surrounding areas receive about 9 inches of rain annually, when it does rain, erosion is a major concern. And, while erosion control may not seem like a major issue with site development, lack of proper stormwater management can wreak havoc on your property very quickly. At Art Barber Excavating we take long-term erosion management very seriously so that even after we’re gone, your investment will weather the storm.

When we begin excavation on a construction site, we understand that having an erosion management plan in place is very important. First, we conduct a property evaluation to determine if the condition of your ground is ready for the upcoming construction project. Then, in order to avoid topsoil erosion, water pollution, and air pollution we adhere to long-term erosion management best practices. These include soil stabilization, slope roughening, the perseveration of existing vegetation, and others.  For more information call 928-415-8001.

Excavating Services Wickenburg AZ

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Art Barber Excavation Services include site excavation, land clearing, brush removal, demolition services, decorative landscaping rock delivery, screened dirt delivery, fill dirt delivery, road grading, land leveling, arena sand delivery, gravel delivery, and more. Contact us for all of your commercial or residential construction project needs.