Land Clearing Services

Land Clearing and Brush Removal

Since 1981, Art Barber Excavating has been providing land clearing services to the residents of Wickenburg and the surrounding communities. We offer all types of clearing, grinding, and tree and brush removal services. We have the experience and equipment to clear and grind anywhere in the Wickenburg area. We can save you both time and money because we do the job quickly and properly the first time.

Do you have a major construction project in the works? Well, if so, you’re going to need an excavating company to clear and grade the land before any construction can begin. The process of lot clearing varies in the time it takes depending on the scope of the project. The land must be surveyed against the blueprints of the construction so that we can determine exactly what needs to be accomplished to achieve the desired results. With a solid plan in place, we can then begin the process of clearing away any vegetation and large rocks. If there are any large trees in the area to be cleared they may still need to be removed even if the trees aren’t in the construction area. The reason for this is because their roots may pose a problem going forward.

Cost For Land Clearing

The cost of land clearing will obviously vary from project to project depending on the size and scope of the project and the project coordinator’s specific needs. One of the most important things you need to consider when estimating the cost of clearing your land is the permitting process. We can help you with the permitting process if you need assistance. Other factors to consider are large trees, weather events, and the disposal of the material that is cleared from your land. The cost per acre of land can range from $600 to $2500 dollars.

Excavation Services Questions?

If you have questions about the type of excavating services we offer, or questions about our decorative rock delivery area, please drop us a line and we’ll get back with you. Otherwise call 928-415-8001.

    Residential And Commercial Clearing Services

    Grading Services

    Land Clearing Wickenburg Arizona

    Regardless of the type of project good grading is a fundamental step in the successful implementation of any construction project. Grading gravel driveways and roads ensure that the base level of your ground is set prior to construction, with engineered slopes to control erosion.

    Site Development

    Land Clearing Wickenburg

    When it comes to helping our customers with site development, one of our goals is to ensure the efficient use of the land. Then we focus on the jurisdiction, permitting, and zoning requirements so that we can have an understanding of what’s necessary to complete the job.

    Septic Tank Installation

    Land Clearing Wickenburg

    If you’re looking for an excavation company in Wickenburg to excavate your property for the installation of a septic tank, then look no further. We offer both residential septic tank installation, as well as commercial multi-tank excavation. Call us for more information at 928-415-8001.

    Land Leveling

    Land Clearing Wickenburg

    Both residential and commercial building sites require a great foundation and that begins with level ground. While it may seem like a simple concept, when building on the property, leveling the land also consists of including a slight gradient to allow for drainage.

    We Are The Builder’s Excavating Solution!

    While your company may have some of the equipment necessary to perform your own land clearing, you should place your trust in Art Barber Excavating because we have more than 40 years experience providing that type of service. We have the equipment and the expertise to do it right, the first time.

    • Colored Rock
    • Tree Removal
    • Road Grading
    • Screened Fill Dirt
    • Brush Removal
    • Driveway Grading
    • Decorative Rock
    • Arena Sand Delivery
    • Lot Leveling
    • Decomposed Granite
    • Demolition Services
    • Ground Cover

    Your Professional Site Clearers

    While it can be challenging at times, clearing and leveling land, we take pride and satisfaction in a job well done. We are dedicated to safety for our employees, customers, and the general public, that’s why we never cut corners for the purpose of rushing a job through. Although we do everything within our power to finish each clearing project on time, the goal is that our team and those who are potentially affected by what we do are never negatively impacted. You can rest assured that our team is 100% focused on helping our customers meet the many governmental regulations that they must contend with while ensuring that your site is cleared and developed in a way that supports your building project for many decades to come. Below, we delve into some of the types of jobs we’ve been involved in. If you’re in the process of planning your next construction project, give us a call to learn how we can help.

    Access Clearing

    Land Clearing Wickenburg

    Before any construction can begin, you need to have the ability to access the building site. Our heavy equipment operators work closely with our customers to create roads entrances and clear tree lines with the goal being to allow for ease of access to the planned building site. Contact Art Barber Excavating for all your access clearing needs.

    Dirt Delivery

    Land Clearing Wickenburg

    In order to level your for construction, we must first start with the correct materials. And, since site leveling requires that we use stable soil, otherwise known as fill dirt, we’ll need to bring some fill dirt to the site, even if we’re just grading your site. We never use topsoil for construction projects as topsoil contains too much organic matter to remain stable.

    Right-Of-Way Clearing

    Land Clearing Wickenburg

    Whether for utility companies that need continuous access to substations, overhead lines, pipelines, and canals, or for municipalities that need right of way clearing for roads and bridges, and signage, Art Barber Excavating is available to provide right-of-way clearing services. We use industry best practices to trim trees, shrubs, and can even remove trees where necessary.