Landscaping Boulders Wickenburg

Why Boulders For Landscaping?

With the various elements available for use in your hardscaping many people ask why would someone consider using boulders? The short answer is that, depending on the type and size of boulders you choose, they can really add prominence to your landscaping and set the entire project on the right path to creating an area you’ll love to enjoy every day. As a centerpiece, a large boulder can add beauty to any landscape and allow you to make efficient use of the space. Since these large rocks require almost no maintenance you can set it and forget it. If you’re looking to create an indigenous look for your flowerbeds consider scattering smaller rocks 10 inches and larger into your decomposed granite ground cover.

If you’re looking to create a border for your flowerbeds you can get as creative as you like with rocks of various sizes. Large stones such as boulders incorporated with flag rock can be used to create waterfalls, koi ponds, and even stepping stones to another area of your landscaping. One thing to consider when planning out your landscaping project is adding the perception of depth. Regardless of if you’re planning on planting real grass for ground cover or you’re using decorative rock, separating one area of your yard from another using large and varied shaped rocks is a good way to create the perception of depth.

Landscaping Boulders For Beauty

Boulders have been a large part of landscaping trends in the desert for many reasons. One reason is because of the various colors and veins that run through the rocks found here in the Wickenburg area. Large rocks offer a natural avenue to introduce color and possible a unique twist to your landscape while eliminating the need for maintenance. Not one natural boulder is the same as another as the shapes and sizes vary.

Questions About Our Boulders?

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    Incorporating Large Rocks Into Your Landscaping

    Retaining Wall

    Boulders for landscaping

    The natural look of a retaining wall built with boulders provides a durable, long-lasting landscaping element that resists weather and requires very little maintenance. Instead of installing a cinderblock wall to show separation, consider a retaining wall for natural-looking beauty and classic appeal.

    Changes In Elevation

    Boulders for landscaping

    Whether your yard slopes down or up, large boulders placed in an area where the elevation changes make a great accent to your landscaping. If you arrange these large rocks in a way that compliments the flow of your yard, you can create the feeling that the rocks belong.

    Landscaping Lighting

    Boulders For Landscaping

    One thing you can do to add appeal to your landscaping is to install landscaping lights that shine directly onto your boulders. By pointing the lights in various directions on your boulder you can find points of interest that draw the eye and add instant curb appeal.

    Embed Your Boulders

    Boulders for landscaping

    In order to ensure your large rocks become an integral component of your landscaping, it’s always best to embed them into the soil. You can use your imagination to create either a flat raised rock look or the perception of a tip of an ice burg jutting out of a Zen-like garden.

    Art Barber Excavating for all Your Landscaping Rock Needs.

    If you want to incorporate large rocks into your landscaping you’re going to need to know where you want them placed prior to ordering them as they are very heavy and require special equipment to not only pick them up and place them, but also for removing the soil. Contact Art Barber Excavating for all your landscaping rock companies needs.

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    Beautiful Landscaping With Large Stones

    If you’re thinking about including rocks and large stones into your landscaping you’ve probably done your research on the rocks available in your area and understand that choosing a locally sourced stone is much more cost-effective than having rocks shipped from other areas of the country. The reason for the expense of out of the area decorative rock is the cost of shipping them. Besides the price of large stones, there is a lot more to consider when choosing rocks for your landscaping project. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer, a contractor, or a landscaper who would like to learn more about how to use boulders in your landscaping, we believe that the information provided below will be helpful in getting you started on the right foot.

    Avoid Symmetry

    Landscaping Boulders Wickenburg

    One of the first landscape designer tips we’d like to offer is to suggest that you place your boulders in groupings that don’t match other groupings and that you try to avoid trying to make them symmetrical. This way your stone takes on a natural look of stability as if they’ve been there for a hundred years or more. Practice subtlety when placing stones.

    Colored Rocks

    Landscaping Boulders Wickenburg

    Flowers aren’t the only way to bring a little color into an otherwise drab-looking yard. Most people don’t understand that large rocks come in a variety of colors. They come in various shades of pink, gold gray, tan, green, and of course brown, and can act as a subtle compliment to your landscaping where flowers naturally spring from between the crevices.

    Choosing Rock Sizes

    Landscaping Boulders Wickenburg

    Many of our customers question what size boulder they should choose. And the answer to that question is usually, “it depends.” If the rocks you decide to use are too small there’s the chance that they’ll be lost among whatever is planted near them, and if the rocks you choose are too large they may look like giants compared to the other landscape components.