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Searching For Rock Companies in Arizona

At Art Barber Excavating, our goal is to provide top-notch excavating services as well as to deliver a consistent and varied supply of landscaping rock. So, if you’re searching for rock companies in the Wickenburg area and need a single load or multiple loads of landscaping gravel delivered to your home or construction site, give us a call.

Our decorative landscaping rocks have many uses in any arid climate landscaping project. Reducing the need for water consumption is among the highest priorities for most of our clients. But, what keeps them coming back is the quality of our customer service. So, give us a call, and we can help you determine which type and size of rock work best for the various types of ground slope, drainage, and water retention needs.

Best Rock Companies in Wickenburg

If you’re looking for a rock company that not only has a large supply of rock available for delivery but is also knowledgable with regards to xeriscaping, then look no further than Art Barber Landscaping. We’ve been in business since the early 80s and have extensive knowledge of this approach to landscaping. Careful landscape planning ensures that water usage is minimized, which of course, minimizes the amount of money you spend.

Through xeriscaping, you can decrease your water usage by as much as 75%. While a green lawn may look appealing, here in the desert, it’s not practical. So, to keep down the dirt blowing around during the monsoon season, contact us to deliver and spread decorative rock in your yard.

Landscaping Rock Questions?

If you have questions about the type of landscaping gravel we offer, or questions about our delivery area, please drop us a line and we’ll get back with you. Otherwise call 928-415-8001.

    What Type of Rock Do You Need?

    Road Base

    Rock Companies Wickenburg

    When it comes to quality land clearing, using road base rock is primarily used as the base foundation for driveways, roads, and even railroads. While asphalt works as a road base as well, it’s usually cost-prohibitive. Road base is made of a composite of materials, such as crushed granite, gravel, and limestone.

    Rocks for Drainage

    Rock Companies Wickenburg

    It is important that you consider drainage for your landscaping plan and that you ensure that your drainage plan meets industry standards. Art Barber Excavating can help you determine what type of rocks and aggregate you need to ensure that your drainage system operates properly.

    Decomposed Granite

    Rock Companies Wickenburg

    Whether in commercial or residential applications, decomposed granite is commonly used for landscaping and as mulching material to improve drainage. Decomposed granite also provides minerals for nearby plants, and crushed granite becomes similar to asphalt resin is added.

    Rip Rap

    Rock Companies Wickenburg Rip Rap

    If you need to protect a slope or stream bed from erosion, rip rap is a good choice. Rip rap consists of large, loose stones that stabilize slopes that might become unstable due to seepage from an influx of rain. These rocks slow the velocity of water and reduce erosion.

    Wickenburg Landscaping Rocks And Decorative Gravel

    Art Barber Excavating has been supplying Maricopa County and Yavapai County residents with consistent quality landscaping rock and excavation services for more than five decades. So, whether you’re looking for a rock company that provides excavating services or you simply need a load of rock for a backyard project, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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    Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Decorative Rock

    For a homeowner here in the desert, one of the most frustrating things you can have happen is for weeds to start growing through the landscaping gravel you’ve laid on your lawn or driveway. In an attempt to save the climate and avoid the expense of watering your lawn, you purposely chose to put down a two-inch layer of decorative gravel. Thinking that anything that was still alive before you put the gravel down will soon die off. Unfortunately, you learn that you were sadly mistaken. The monsoon season comes early, and a rain shower helps deliver a little sustenance to previously dormant grass seeds. Now, you see little sprigs of green in your decomposed granite. Well, don’t despair; we’ve got a few ideas to share with you to solve your newly blossomed lawn problem.

    Spray With Vinegar

    Rock Companies Wickenburg

    While vinegar does not work easily to kill larger weeds with established roots, it will work on seedlings. Repeated spraying may be necessary, and be sure to avoid inhaling the vinegar or getting it on your skin. The combination of vinegar and the hot Arizona sun will quickly turn what was green and annoying into brown, dried-up material that can be removed.

    Landscaping Barrier

    Rock Companies Wickenburg

    While we understand that your rock is already in place and that adding a landscaping barrier would mean that you’re going to need to remove the gravel, a landscaping barrier will deter any growth of weeds. However, there are a few drawbacks. Dirt can land on top of your barrier and grass seed can still sprout. Plus, in time, holes can wear in your barrier as well.

    Use A Herbicide

    Rock Companies Wickenburg

    If you’re not concerned with using organic products to solve your weed problem, the use of commercial herbicides will surely do the trick. Products like Roundup do a great job at killing all types of plants. Just be careful and ensure that you take all necessary precautions to avoid harming yourself and others, as well as your beloved children and pets.

    Benefits of Using Rock in Your Landscaping

    When it comes to ground cover options for your home, you have various options. Of course, grass is one option, but watering in the desert is expensive, and the upkeep can be very laborious. You could incorporate low-growing shrubs, vines, wood mulch, and even concrete in a large area if you wanted to. But we suggest you consider using rocks for your landscaping. In case you might not know about many of the benefits of landscaping rocks, we’ve included a few below.

    1. Landscaping rock doesn’t attract insects. Because rocks are the most inhospitable material for pests, rarely will you see a large number of termites or other insects living in them. Mulch, however, attracts all manner of insects seeking moisture, shelter, and biodegradable material to consume.

    2. Gravel won’t die if you walk on it. If you have children running about on your lawn, most likely, any green grass you had will soon be trampled. The good news is that landscaping gravel can take a beating and still look good for years to come.

    3. Gravel aids drainage during downpours. A lawn consisting of soil and grass can have the effect of water pooling when there’s a rain storm. But, when applied properly, gravel can improve drainage, discourage pooling, and quickly move water away from your home.

    4. Gravel costs less to maintain. Initially, gravel does cost more to apply to your landscaping. Whereas grass can be planted with seed, straw, sun, and water, gravel needs more ground preparation to ensure that it operates as it should. But, over time, the cost savings that result from a lawn covered with gravel will more than make up for the initial cost of installation. You’ll consume less water with rock, and you don’t have to pay someone to mow it.