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Do you need landscaping supplies for your Arizona landscaping project?

Do you live in or near Wickenburg, Arizona?

Art Barber Excavating has been providing landscaping rock and other landscaping material delivery and excavation services in the Wickenburg area for more than 40 years.

Our team of landscaping rock professionals is available to assist you with all of your decorative rock and stone needs. From crushed granite for walkways and driveways to large decorative rocks that give your landscaping character and breakpoints, we have everything you need to get your desert landscaping project up and running.

If you need excavating services, such as site clearing, brush removal, demolition services, and driveway grading, we offer those as well. And if you’re a horse person, we can help keep your babies happy and healthy because we offer the finest arena sand in the area. And did we mention that we deliver all of these landscaping supplies? Yes, we will deliver gravel, sand, boulders, and even screened fill dirt to wherever you need these supplies delivered.

So, if you’re ready to transform the look of your property and improve curb appeal and value, we’ll be happy to assist. Contact us for a free estimate.

Landscaping Supplies Questions?

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    Landscaping Rock Supply Company Wickenburg, AZ

    With Art Barber Excavating and landscaping supplies, you can look forward to an amazing Arizona landscape for you home or business. Recharge your landscaping with beautiful decomposed granite, boulders, or various colors of decorative rock. You’ll make a lasting impression on your guests and customers while improving the value of your property.

    • Brush Removal
    • Screened Fill Dirt
    • Driveway Grading
    • Decomposed Granite
    • Demolition Services
    • Ground Cover
    • Excavation Services
    • Decorative Rock
    • Arena Sand Delivery
    • Road Grading
    • Various Sizes
    • Colored Rock

    Why Choose Us To Supply Landscaping Rock?

    Wherever you are on your project, whether in the planning stage or finishing up the details, different landscaping projects call for different rock types. And having a landscaping rock supply company in your corner that’s been around the block a time or two is an invaluable resource.

    At Art Barber Excavation, we have the ability to give you outdoor space just the boost it needs to make it feel a bit more inviting so that it integrates nicely with your home or office.

    Of course, if you need your landscaping rock supplies delivered, we can bring you the supplies you need so that you can keep on working on your creation without interruptions.

    So, whether you want to renovate your existing landscaping completely or you simply want to add a centerpiece to an already beautiful xeriscaped project, Art Barber Excavating can help.

    All The Landscaping Rocks And Supplies You Need!

    Decorative Gravel

    Landscaping Supplies Wickenburg

    Whether you are looking to install a walking path, a water formation with a small pool, or you simply need decorative rock to cover your entire yard with beautiful yard gravel, Art Barber Excavating has the right decorative gravel for you. We can help you determine how big of rocks you need if you need boulders and even color schemes that work well together.

    Screened Fill Dirt

    Landscaping Supplies Wickenburg

    If you’re looking for a strong and sturdy foundation to get your desert plants growing, you can’t go wrong in choosing high quality screened fill dirt. Screened fill dirt is placed deeper than your typical fill dirt as it provides a more open, less compact, and moist area for the roots of your plants to thrive. Contact us for screened fill dirt delivery.

    Rock Delivery Services

    Landscaping Supplies Wickenburg

    At Art Barber Excavating, we carry many types, colors, and sizes of decorative gravel and provide gravel delivery services to customers in and around the Wickenburg area. From Apache brown and pink to Madison gold, the combinations for your landscaping choices never stop. Contact Art Barber Excavating for rock delivery services.

    Incorporating Decorative Stone Into Your Landscaping

    Here in the desert around Wickenburg, decorative stone is a very attractive alternative to traditional grass or other ground covers such as plain dirt. And, when decorative stone is laid on a quality weed barrier fabric, you’ll find that you’ll have a long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free ground covering. Of course, one concern when it comes to decorative gravel is choosing the right size rock. Pick too small of a rock, and when the time comes to use a leaf blower to clean up the mess that the change of seasons brings, and you’ll blow your rock all over the place, exposing your weed barrier. If you have questions about the types of decorative rock we carry or our rock delivery services, call us.

    Check Out The Various Types of Landscaping Rocks We Carry

    • Santa Fe Beige

    • Sierra Verde

    • Sedona Red

    • Palimony Gold

    • Desert Sunset

    • Desert Mauve

    • Desert Coral

    • Baja Brown

    • Apache Pink

    • Decomposed Granite

    • AB Gravel

    • Asphalt Millings

    Landscaping Supplies Wickenburg

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