Decorative Gravel Wickenburg

Choosing Decorative Gravel For Landscaping

If you’re in the planning part of the landscape design process, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of decorative rocks and stones available. Regardless of if you’re looking for structural materials, garden rocks, or you’re simply creating a garden path. You’ll find dozens of options available. Not to worry, though; that’s why we’ve put together this helpful page to help you find the best rocks for your landscape design.

One of the first considerations most homeowners have is how much rock they need and how much it is going to cost. But before we get into cost, you need to first define the landscaping style you’re looking for. Do you prefer a minimal approach to landscaping, or are you excited to add multiple focal points with landscaping stones, water features, a fire pit, and possibly a dry creek bed? Lastly, you’ll want to consider the functionality of your rock landscaping design. Does it fit your lifestyle, or are you simply landscaping to fit into the neighborhood?

Decorative Gravel Delivery Services

If you’re searching for bulk gravel delivery, you’ve come to the right place. Art Barber Excavating provides bulk rock delivery to Wickenburg, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. Buying decorative rock in bulk and having it delivered is much less expensive and time-consuming than buying rock in bags, loading them into your trunk, unloading them, and then emptying them, only to have to go back and get more. Contact us for a quote on delivering your decorative gravel.

Questions About Our Decorative Rocks?

If you have questions about the type of decorative landscaping gravel we offer, or questions about our delivery area, please drop us a line and we’ll get back with you. Otherwise, please call 928-415-8001.

    Options For Landscaping With Gravel

    Pavers As Retaining Walls

    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg

    One of the easiest ways to protect your decorative rock investment from running into the street during monsoon season is to use pavers as short retaining walls. Simply dig a little trench between the gravel and the concrete and place the pavers tightly together.

    Rocks For Water Features

    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg

    Since ancient times, water has always represented vibrancy and life, and it’s still so today. Water features bring your landscaping to life by providing the sound of bubbling water and motion to your outdoor living areas, giving you a sense of calm.

    Crushed Gravel For Driveways

    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg

    If you’re looking for a great way to landscape your driveway one really appealing thing you can do is consider using crushed gravel. We offer pea gravel, desert gold, Apache pin, copper canyon brown, and many others. Come check out our variety at our yard.

    Boulders For Focal Point & Function

    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg

    Another way to add focal points, as well as function to your landscaping, is to consider incorporating large boulders. For multiple focal points at night, you can aim landscaping lights at your boulders to create shadows, or simply use boulders as a retaining wall.

    Everything For The Landscaping Gravel Enthusiast!

    If you’re thinking about redoing your yard or patio using landscaping stones, we’ve got you covered. Landscaping rocks are a great addition to any home or business in the Wickenburg area, and we’ve got the largest selection of gravel and boulders to choose from.

    • Large Boulders
    • Pea Gravel
    • Arena Sand Delivery
    • Ground Cover
    • Decomposed Granite
    • Demolition Services
    • Screened Fill Dirt
    • Brush Removal
    • Driveway Grading
    • Various Rock Sizes
    • Road Grading
    • Colored Rock

    Various Uses For Landscaping Gravel

    It’s no secret that landscaping gravel is essential to any landscaping project here in Arizona. Regardless of if you want to substitute gravel for mulch around plants at your home, or if you need to xeriscape the surroundings around your office building, gravel is always a hit. With that said, both the beauty and utility of gravel have spawned its usage on a massive scale. You can create rock gardens, focal points, faux creek beds, and even use decomposed granite to cover your yard entirely. All types of gravel are functional, but not all are considered decorative. And gravel has grown increasingly popular over the years. That’s why we’ve put together some things you need to know about gravel. Gravel’s various uses, how much you’ll need, and even different applications.

    Stones To Draw Attention

    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg

    One of the great things about landscaping stones is you can get creative and actually design something into your yard that didn’t exist before. If you want to draw attention to a specific feature or area of your yard you can do so by pointing your landscaping rocks in that direction. In addition, you can also draw the eye away from problem areas.

    Minimize Water Usage

    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg

    One of the key benefits of using gravel for ground cover as opposed to grass is the fact that you’re not required to water your decorative rock. With gravel, you forgo the cost of installing irrigation tubing or spending your valuable time dragging hoses around your yard and watering each day. Decorative gravel also helps keep water from evaporating as quickly.

    Gravel For Paths

    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg

    Over the years we’ve come to the realization that the type of gravel that’s best for paths are those that move the least when you’re walking on them. Medium-sized gravel is the best choice of gravel for both driveways and paths as they are easily compacted and stay in place. As an added benefit, you could incorporate darker flagstones to create contrast.

    Don’t Get Overwhelmed By The Choices Of Gravel

    Getting To Work On Your Landscaping Project

    Once you settle on landscaping rock as your material, and you’ve decided what sizes, types, and colors of gravel pair best with your project, the next thing to do is have your gravel delivered and get to work. And, getting to work means preparing your ground prior to applying your gravel to it. If you’re planning on simply dumping rock on your front lawn and spreading it around, you may be in for a rude awakening once monsoon season hits.

    If you’re going to install a gravel pathway or a dry creek bed, you’ll need to excavate some dirt. We suggest that a gravel path be excavated to a depth of 4 inches, but the depth of a dry creek bed is entirely up to you. Some homeowners create an illusion of a dry creek bed and do not excavate the soil at all. While others create deep, functional beds that allow water to move away from their home during a rainstorm.

    With so many options to choose from with landscaping ideas, you may begin to feel overwhelmed and therefore decide to forgo the project entirely. We suggest that you allow us to help you figure out what rocks and designs might work best for you. Then you’ll have more information and won’t feel so overwhelmed. Give Art Barber Excavating a call for all your landscaping gravel needs. Did we mention we deliver?

    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg
    Decorative Gravel Wickenburg