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If you live in the Wickenburg area, rather than using driveway rock, you may have a dirt driveway, which is fine until the rains come. Once your dirt driveway becomes saturated with water, each venture into and out of your home becomes a slippery adventure that covers your vehicle with dirt and debris.

Rather than risking damage to your vehicles and visiting the car wash regularly, we suggest using gravel for your driveway. Gravel for driveways is graded by size, with three basic types of gravel used. The idea is to put down individual layers to create a solid foundation to ensure you have proper drainage.

Art Barber Excavating has been in the landscaping rock and excavating business for more than 50 years. We can quickly calculate the quantity of gravel you need as well as the different types of gravel that will work best for your application. And if you need your driveway graded before the gravel is applied, we can help with that as well.

When constructing a gravel driveway amidst your desert landscaping, we can provide drainage advice or do the work for you.  So, if you’re ready to create a driveway that will increase the value of your home or property, call on Art Barber Excavating for all your driveway rock needs.

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    Creating The Perfect Gravel Driveway!

    Most gravel driveways are built using layers of various sizes of rocks. But the best driveways are built using a grid system using permeable stabilizing pavers where the gravel is held in place for stability and proper drainage. Of course, this type of rock driveway application is more expensive initially, but over time you’ll save money on maintenance. Contact us for more information.

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    Why Choose Rock For Your Driveway?

    When considering what material to use for your driveway, you have many options. You could choose concrete, pavers, asphalt, dirt, chat, or rock. If money is a concern, the easiest choice is simply to leave it as dirt. Of course, if you’d prefer to avoid washing your car every day and the idea of dust suppression sounds good to you, there’s another very affordable option and that’s driveway rock.

    When built properly, a gravel driveway sheds water easily and is very easy to maintain. And the good news is there are many colors and shapes of gravel to choose from. There are two basic categories of gravel, crushed stone, and naturally formed gravel. Crushed stone is jagged because it is manually crushed, while naturally formed gravel is more smooth because of the natural weathering. So, if dust suppression is a big concern, we suggest that you choose naturally formed gravel.

    The biggest reason we believe you should choose gravel for your driveway is that it’s easy to rejuvenate a worn-out rock driveway. The desert sun will quickly take a toll on both asphalt and gravel, and repairs can run into the 10s of thousands. But, having a load of rock delivered and professionally applied is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of maintaining concrete or asphalt.

    Planning Your Gravel Driveway.

    Planning The Driveway

    Driveway Rock Wickenburg

    When we contract with local business owners and homeowners, we start the process of creating your driveway with the planning phase. We work with you to determine the path the driveway will take and how wide it needs to be. We then mark out the boundaries and determine how deep the driveway will be, as well as determine what excavation is required to ensure proper drainage occurs.

    Excavating and Prepping

    Driveway Rock Wickenburg

    Once we’ve collected all the necessary details of the layout of your driveway, the next step is to begin the excavation process. Sometimes all that’s required is grading the driveway, but other times we must remove six or more inches of soil before we can begin building the driveway. Once the path is cleared, we then lay down a barrier of landscaping fabric to avoid weed growth.

    Installing the Gravel

    Driveway Rock Wickenburg

    We begin installing the gravel by laying down a base layer consisting of larger rocks. Once laid, we then compress the stone to ensure a solid base. We then lay down a second layer of smaller rocks and compress these as well. And finally, we put down a third layer of smaller gravel and once again compress the top layer. Of course, we allow each layer of rock to dry and settle before moving to the next.

    Full Service Gravel Delivery & Excavating Company!

    At Art Barber Excavation, we take gravel choice, delivery, and excavating your property very seriously. Gravel can play a major role in your landscaping, and if any step is left out in the preparation of your property, the whole project can fail. Whether you need gravel to provide a sturdy base for asphalt or concrete, or you’re simply adding a path or patio to your home, we have the experience and know-how to ensure that your project is a success.
    Gravel driveways are great for desert conditions. They’re cheaper to install and allow for many variations of rock type, including decomposed granite, pea gravel, and other crushed gravel variations. Contact Art Barber Excavating for all your landscaping rocks and excavation needs.

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