Choosing The Right Rock Landscaping Material

Do you need rock landscaping or large stones for your desert yard design?

Are you located in or near the Wickenburg, Arizona, area?

If so, you’re in luck. Art Barber Excavating has a wide variety of landscaping materials and has been providing landscaping material delivery and excavation services in the Wickenburg area for more than 40 years.

Our team of professionals is available to help you determine which decorative gravel is best for your application. Whether you need a load of crushed granite for a small patio or flagstones for a lengthy pathway, our team can help. We have everything you need to get your landscaping project up and running in the right direction.

Do you need a bulk load of gravel delivered for a brand-new driveway? Just give us a call, and we’ll be on our way. Maybe you need excavating, such as driveway grading or demolition services. Well, we offer those services as well.

At Art Barber Excavating, we will deliver gravel, sand, and boulders to wherever you need them.

So, if you’re ready to transform the look of your home or business and improve curb appeal and value, we’re always happy to help. Contact us for a free estimate.

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    Feeling Overwhelmed by the Many Options?

    If you are overwhelmed by the various types, sizes, and colors of decorative gravel and would like suggestions as to which rocks would work best for your landscape design, we can help. While we don’t have formal training in landscaping design, we do have a lot of experience. And we have learned which rocks work best for a wide variety of applications. Ask us how we can help with your landscaping project.

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    Why Art Barber Excavating for Landscaping Rock?

    If you’re asking how Art Barber Excavating’s landscaping rocks are any different than those you might find at one of the big box carriers, the first answer is the variety of choice because our focus is on landscaping gravel and not everything hardware related we can offer a wider array of sizes, colors, and types of rocks.

    The second answer is we’re local. If you want a load of gravel delivered from our yard, it’s going to be much less expensive than having it hauled all the way from Suprise.

    Of course, the main reason why we’re different than all those big box stores and other rock yards is that we genuinely care about our customers and are committed to ensuring that their landscaping design goes off without a hitch.

    So if you’re thinking about redoing your yard or patio using landscaping rocks, consider calling Art Barber Excavating for help.

    Decorative Rock Types

    Gravel For Drainage

    Rock Landscaping Wickenburg

    When you’re looking for gravel intended for drainage projects, you’ll want to choose larger rocks. Smaller rocks tend to become compacted and leave plenty of room between the stones for the water to drain down. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to look for 1/2-inch to 1-inch gravel for drainage. Of course, your gravel needs may be different.

    Flagstone Rocks

    Rock Landscaping Wickenburg

    Flagstone rock is landscaping rock that’s been quarried and sliced into flat pieces specifically for use in walkways and patios. While brick and concrete pavers also work well for these applications, the irregularity of size and colors of flagstones make break up the monotony and draw the eye, making them more appealing.

    Crushed Stone

    Landscaping Stones Crushed gravel

    Crushed stone, commonly referred to as decomposed granite, has many purposes. It can be used as an underlayment for patios, around plants, and even as ground cover for your entire lawn. Crushed stone is created by passing larger stones through a stone crusher at stone quarries and may be more costly due to this process.

    Landscaping Rock Design Accents

    Accent Landscaping refers to using various landscaping elements to draw attention to particular features or areas in your overall landscaping design. Placing larger plants that are offset by smaller plants beneath them in a semicircle that points to a water feature is one way to draw attention to the water feature. This is what accent landscaping does. Accent Landscaping allows the homeowner to create more interest in specific areas in their outdoor space. These can include accent trees, dry creek beds, boulders, walls, lighting, and other elements.

    • For example, you can create interesting effects using string lighting or lanterns to illuminate a pathway or other areas of your landscaping. You can use spotlights that light up at night to show off your boulders or provide lighting around stairways. You can do many wonderful things with lighting, including creating interesting shadows.
    • Another example of accent landscaping is to use flat boulders on a down slope in your rock yard to create a stairway that opens up to another area of your yard. This area could be flanked by plants, trees, and possibly a fence. This little getaway could be the perfect place for an arbor and a sitting area. Really the possibilities are endless with decorative rock and accent landscaping.

    For more on landscaping rock and our other services, contact Art Barber Excavating.

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