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Pea Gravel Calculator

If you’re trying to determine whether you should have gravel delivered in bulk or simply get it from a local hardware store in bags, we’ve got a few things for you to consider. Let’s say you need to get enough gravel for your driveway and need to spread it over an area that’s 80 feet long and 120 feet wide. And, you’re going to want to spread the decorative gravel to an inch in depth. This means you have an area that is 9600 square feet, and if you want it an inch deep it means you’ll need 29.63 square yards of gravel to cover the entire area.

Most decorative rock that’s sold in hardware stores come in 0.5 square foot bags. So, if you’re going to purchase your rock in bags, you’re going to need approximately 1600 bags. These 1600 bags come in at a combined weight of 38.4 tons, and at $4.00 per bag, you’re looking at spending $6400 dollars. If instead of purchasing the needed decorative gravel and rocks by the bag you chose to purchase it by the ton and have it delivered by Art Barber Excavating at around $40 per ton, you’re looking at paying $1536.00 plus a nominal delivery fee. That’s quite a difference, especially if you need more gravel to complete your landscaping project.

Landscaping With Pea Gravel

If you’re looking for a simple solution to your landscaping needs or you’re thinking about giving your existing yard a facelift, we suggest that you look no further than pea gravel. These smooth, crushed rock pebbles are simple to apply, require very little, if any maintenance, and can be used in a variety of applications. Contact Art Barber Excavating for all your gravel delivery needs.

Rock Delivery Questions?

If you have questions about the type of landscaping gravel we offer, or questions about our delivery area, please drop us a line and we’ll get back with you. Otherwise call 928-415-8001.

    Considerations For Selecting Decorative Gravel

    Gravel Placement

    Pea Gravel Wickenburg

    When deciding to use any type of decorative gravel, the first thing you should consider is where it is going to be placed in your landscaping. You’ll want to consider the slope of the land and if your gravel will be in the way of charging water during a downpour.

    Volume Of Gravel Needed

    Pea Gravel Wickenburg

    Before you decide on which type of decorative gravel to use, you must calculate the volume of gravel that’s required for your landscaping project. Determine your plan of action beforehand so that you are not overwhelmed with the cost and the work involved.

    Maintenance Requirements

    Pea Gravel Wickenburg

    How much time and effort are you willing to invest in the maintenance of your decorative pea gravel? As a rule of thumb, hardscape gardens are much easier to keep clean and maintain, especially during the summer months, but during the monsoon season, you must be vigilant.

    Purpose of the Gravel

    Pea Gravel Wickenburg

    What’s the reason for using decorative gravel in the first place? Are you using the decorative rock to offset other features of your landscape design or is the intention to create a solid base for the installation of pavers? Once you know the answer to these questions you’ll be ready to begin.

    Decorative Rock For Your Landscaping Needs!

    While some decorative gravel can be quite expensive and require more maintenance, the great attributes of pea gravel include its inexpensive price tag, easier to maintain, and it works will with other elements like stone, grass, or cement. Contact us today to discuss your decorative gravel needs.

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    Pea Gravel Installation Basics

    If you’re considering incorporating a variety of decorative rock into your landscaping project, you might want to learn about the basics of installation before you begin. One thing that sets pea gravel apart from other decorative rocks such as decomposed granite is the fact that pea gravel shifts underfoot. So, your first consideration when using it as a landscaping component is whether the area it’s being applied to is a high foot traffic area. Once you’ve accepted this fact and you’re ready to move forward, then you’ll need to learn the basics of pea gravel installation. While we make every effort to provide you with the guidance necessary to do your own installation, we highly suggest that you hire a competent landscaping company with experience and a proven track record of providing solid landscaping services.

    Working The Soil

    Pea Gravel Wickenburg Arizona

    Before you begin installing your gravel you’ll need to work the soil thoroughly. You’ll want to go about six inches deep into the soil, removing all weeds, vegetation, rocks, and other debris. Remove the excess soil and then gently tamp the soil down so that it’s level. If you will be installing pavers, you’ll want to wait until you’ve added the gravel.

    Apply Coarse Base Rock

    Pea Gravel Wickenburg

    Once you’ve successfully removed the excess soil, vegetation, and debris, the next step is to lay down about 2 inches of coarse-textured base rock. You’ll want to then ensure that the base rock is tamped down evenly and that there are no air pockets between the rocks themselves and also below the rocks. The use of a mechanical tamper is highly suggested.

    Cover With Pea Gravel

    Pea Gravel Wickenburg

    With the area properly excavated and the base rock in place to provide a firm surface, now is the time to cover the area with a 3-inch layer of pea gravel. Smooth the gravel evenly and remove any grass or debris that might have infiltrated it. If you have areas where the pea gravel is not stable you can mix in some stone dust to help to stabilize the area.