Landscaping Rock Wickenburg

Choice of Landscaping Rock

The type of landscaping stones you choose for your needs has the ability to transform your yard’s look immensely. You’ll want to choose a rock that is both functional and looks good. Whether it’s for a garden path walkway, driveway, or even a rock garden, there are so many types of landscaping rock options to choose from. And, while the right landscaping stone application can add curb appeal and value to your home, you still want to be careful how much you spend.

Depending on the type of rock you choose, the costs can vary widely. If you’re in the market for rock but don’t know how much each type of rock costs, a fast and hard rule of thumb for you to consider is that the more attractive and colorful the landscaping stones, the higher the cost. Also, larger rocks are obviously going to cost more.

Types of Landscaping Stones

If you are looking to use landscaping stones for a driveway or a highly traveled walkway, you’ll want to do a thorough investigation into the rock’s durability. From AB Gravel, Pea Gravel, Decomposed Granite, and more, the choice of rock for your landscaping project can make a significant difference in how long you’ll be able to go before replacing the existing rock. These and other considerations are important when coming up with your own unique landscaping ideas for your Arizona yard.

Landscaping Rock Questions?

If you have questions about the type of landscaping gravel we offer, or questions about our delivery area, please drop us a line and we’ll get back with you. Otherwise call 928-415-8001.

    What Landscaping Material Is Best For You?

    AB Gravel

    Landscaping Rock AB Gravel

    ABC gravel is an aggregate base coarse gravel, and is usually used as a base material that is compacted. It is used for patio pavers, concrete slabs and other applications. AB gravel consists of similar crushed rock but is made up of a larger grade of aggregate.

    Decomposed Granite

    Landscaping Rock Wickenburg Decomposed Granite

    Decomposed granite is similar to gravel but is a landscaping rock which is much finer. It comes in sand and grey colors and provides an aesthetically pleasing, rustic look for almost any home. I works will as a ground cover around trees and throughout garden areas.

    Desert Sunset

    Landscaping Rock AB Gravel

    Our Desert Sunset gravel is a unique gravel that’s full of vibrant colors. Pinks, golds, and around a dozen other colors make this a one of a kind. And is a favorite of many homeowners here in the Wickenburg area. Contact Art Barber Excavating for more.

    Mountain Vista

    Landscaping Rock Wickenburg Mountain Vista

    Mountain Vista is a decorative landscaping gravel with pink and beige hues and darker brown undertones. And, while the colors may vary from various rock sources, this is a beautiful and hardy rock that comes in various sizes. Call us for product size and availability.

    Build The Perfect Landscaping For Your Home

    Take advantage of our convenient gravel delivery services. From landscaping stones to arena sand and fill dirt, Art Barber Excavating has the materials and expertise to solve any challenging landscaping project. Stop by or give us a call to learn how we can help.

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    Ideas For Landscaping With Decorative Gravel

    Whether you’re upgrading an entire yard’s appeal, or simply adding a rock garden to your existing landscape design, you may need help determining the best course of action. Decorative rock can not only transform the overall appearance of your outdoor living area, but it can also upgrade your home’s overall look and feel. Adding a dry rock creek bed to your yard’s existing landscaping can give it depth and with proper planning and placement, the creek bed can offset or complement the rest of your yard. But, before you run out and spend a bunch of money on just any rock, ask yourself what you want the space you’re working with to feel like? There are many quality excavation companies in the Phoenix area, but few of them carry and deliver decorative rock. So, when you call us for your landscaping rock needs you also get an experienced excavation company to help you figure out the best course of action.

    Gravel For Ground Cover

    Landscaping Rock Wickenburg

    Rather the mulching every year or watering grass that the sun is determined to dry up and kill, use decorative decomposed granite to fill in the gaps. This decorative gravel is ideal for this type of application as it requires minimal upkeep and zero water. Raking once or twice per month and picking up debris is all this landscaping application requires.

    Visual Contrasting

    Landscaping Rock Wickenburg

    One of the easiest ways to make your landscaping really Rock is to use contrast. That is, dark stones against lighter colored stones. When so many rock color varieties and sizes available, why settle for just one type of decorative gravel. This landscape design idea will give your outdoor living space a superior look the neighbors will be envious of.

    Gravel Walkway

    Landscaping Rock Wickenburg

    While there are many landscaping design ideas that incorporate a walkway, nothing beats a gravel causeway for accentuating your outdoor space. From simple paths to dramatic landscaping accents, crushed decorative granite and other rocks add elegance to any yard. Contact us for all your landscaping gravel ideas. Because we’ve got a rock for every home.

    Money Savings Associated With Decorative Rock

    Mulch Versus Rock

    Did you know that most professional landscaping architects recommend replacing mulch or wood chips two times per year? The reason for this is because it can tend to decay and deteriorate over time. While we do sell mulch at our Wickenburg location, we suggest that you eschew the mulch and discover a more permanent ground cover, stone mulch.

    Decorative gravel comes in many sizes shapes and colors, but the best part is it never needs to be replaced. Save your time, your back, and your money, and get a one-and-done yard with decorative landscaping gravel.

    Now that you know how we feel about decorative gravel, you can see that it is an excellent option for water conservation as it’s an alternative to grass. And, the choice of gravel is almost endless. From dark reds to medium pinks and deep blues, you can’t go wrong with gravel for landscaping in the Phoenix area. Give Art Barber Excavating a call for all your landscaping rock needs.

    Landscaping Rock Wickenburg
    Landscaping Rock Wickenburg

    Family Owned Decorative Rock Company

    Art Barber Excavating is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in providing top-quality landscaping materials for both residential and commercial projects. Our range of products caters to various needs, from enhancing gardens to constructing driveways and creating peaceful backyard retreats. With a focus on both aesthetic appeal and durability, Art Barber Excavating offers a wide selection of materials that are suitable for any landscaping project.

    One of our standout products is the Minus Materials, which are perfect for creating strong and robust bases for roads, paths, and driveways. These materials consist of finely ground rock with a high composition of fines, ensuring a solid and stable layer that can withstand intense weight and weather conditions.

    Art Barber Excavating also offers a carefully curated selection of Screened Rock, which is decorative crushed granite screened to a uniform size. These rocks are perfect for landscaping features, drainage, decorative pathways, or adding a natural and textured element to outdoor designs. They come in various colors and sizes, ensuring there is an option to complement any landscaping project.

    For those who are looking to create focal points in their outdoor spaces, Art Barber Excavating offers a collection of Boulders. These natural stones come in a diverse range of sizes and hues, making them ideal for creating dramatic accents, retaining walls, or integrating water features into your property. Each Boulder is hand-selected for its beauty, quality, and character.

    To control erosion and shape landscapes, Art Barber Excavating provides Rip Rap, which is a collection of large, irregularly shaped stones. These rocks are suitable for construction projects such as retaining walls, channel lining, and slope stabilization. Besides their practicality, Rip Rap also adds an attractive element to many landscaping designs.

    For those desiring a more organic and natural look, Art Barber Excavating offers many other decorative rocks. Some are round and smooth stones that can be used for multiple decorative landscaping applications, such as creating serene dry riverbed effects, bordering gardens, or adding visual interest to plant beds. With a range of sizes and colors available, these rocks can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any landscape design.

    In addition to these decorative options, Art Barber Excavating also offers the finest screened arena sand for equestrians. We have Building Aggregates essential for construction and landscaping projects. Including materials like Aggregate Base Course, Mortar Sand, Concrete Mix, and Concrete Sand, ensuring that customers have all the necessary resources to complete their projects efficiently and successfully.

    Art Barber Excavating prides itself on being a trusted, family-run partner in crafting stunning landscapes in and around the Wickenburg area. We aim to provide personalized service by understanding each customer’s specific needs and guiding them to the right solutions. With a commitment to beauty, durability, and sustainability, Art Barber Excavating ensures that all its rock products are responsibly sourced and meet the highest standards of quality. Whether it’s large-scale construction projects or small home garden improvements, Art Barber Excavating is the go-to choice for top-quality landscaping materials.